Celebrity Network Reading Group

The Celebrity Network Meeting Group is a source of inspiration and an opportunity for members of the network to share interests and new ideas on a regular basis. The reading group convenes at Roskilde University four times each semester. Meetings are two hours and include lunch. Members of the reading group are welcome to ‘skype in’ if they are not able to participate in person.

If you are able to participate in person, please contact Lene Bull Christiansen, bull@ruc.dk no later than one week before the meeting.


Autumn programme 2014:


25th September 12.00-14.00:

Chapters from Robert Clarke (ed.): Celebrity Colonialism: 1 (The Idea of Celebrity Colonialism), 3 (Colonial Celebrities in Popular Culture) and 6 (Dying for Our Sins). Information here.


21st August 12.00-14.00:

Chapters from Robert van Krieken: Celebrity Society: chapter 1-3. Information here.


28th October 12.00-14.00:

Keith Tester: Humanitarianism and Modern Culture. Information here. This meeting will be held at Copenhagen Business School.


8th December 12.00-14.00:

Chapters from April Biccum: Global Citizenship and the Legacy of Empire. Marketing Development: 1 (A shift in vocabulary), 3 (Marketing development: a ‘new’ national narrative) and 5 (Marketing empire: creating imperial subjects at home). Information here.





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